Satin Nickel Door Lock and Deadbolt Combo - Master Keyed


Satin Nickel finish door locksets, with traditional 2" knob design, and a Satin Nickel finish single cylinder deadbolt lock with lifetime anti-tarnish exterior finish. Lockset and door knob outside, push and turn knob lock inside. Fits a 2-1/8" diameter bore, 1-1/4" to 2" door. Backset latch is adjustable from 2-3/8" to 2-3/4". Includes keys, square corner faceplates, strike plates and all mounting hardware. Random key codes. Priced at a bargain. Master Keyed.

All locks in Group 1 can be accessed with the same master key (M1).

All locks in Group 2 can be accessed with a different master key than Group 1 (M2).

All locks in Group 3 come as a set of 2 with the same keycode which can be accessed with the same master key (M3). Group 3's master key is different than Groups 1 and 2.

Call to request a specific number of master keys with your order.

Site PriceQty
Group 1$21.59
Group 2$21.59
Group 3$43.18