Lockpicks and Accessories

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MPXS-20 - 20 Piece Pick Set
20 Piece Pick Set$48.95This set contains a good combination of the picks you will need if you want to access a large range of locks. The picks are made of stainless steel. Half of the picks have reinforced handles which are welded rather than riveted.
    PG-N - 3 Pc. Replacement Needle Set (With Secure-Grip Fork Tips)
    3 Pc. Replacement Needle Set (With Secure-Grip Fork Tips)$3.953 Pc. Replacement Needle Set (With Secure-Grip Fork Tips)
      BUMPKEYS - Bump Keys and Hammers
      Bump Keys and Hammers$9.85Use Bump Hammer and Keys to quickly open Kwikset and/or Schlage locksets and deadbolts. Bump hammer is weighted and balanced for quick access.
      Keys $9.85 / Hammers $24.75
        CRTKB - Cylinder Removal Tool for Kwikset Brands
        Cylinder Removal Tool for Kwikset Brands$4.95This cylinder removal tool will allow you to remove the cylinder from Kwikset Knobs and Kwikset Signature Series Smart Key knobs for re-keying purposes or to rotate the cylinder 180° for proper key positioning.
          FIT-2 - Flip-It Tool Plug Spinner
          Flip-It Tool Plug Spinner$69.95What's a plug spinner? Plug spinners are used when you pick a lock in the wrong direction and need to move the plug to the other side of the shear line without picking it again.
            KS-PINS - Kwikset Style Doorlock and Deadbolt Bottom Pins
            Kwikset Style Doorlock and Deadbolt Bottom Pins$3.29

            Kwikset Style Doorlock & Deadbolt Bottom Pins. 75 pins per package to replace lock pins on Kwikset style doorlocks and deadbolts. Available in all seven (7) pin numbers.

              LMDKWK - Mini Pin Kit for KWIKSET
              Mini Pin Kit for KWIKSET$59.95This kit is great for property managers and locksmiths who rekey Kwikset Lock occasionally. Contains 30 pins of each size all set to OEM standards. LAB produces pins for many lock manufacturers around the world, so that these pins are of the BEST Quality.
                SPS-20 - Padlock Shims
                Padlock Shims$25.45These shim lock picks are great for both combination padlocks as well as key operated padlocks. Shim lock picks are used by simply inserting the shim next to the lock shank and then rotating the shim which depresses the latch.
                  E500XT - SouthOrd Electric Lock Pick Gun
                  SouthOrd Electric Lock Pick Gun$163.95SouthOrd began manufacturing electric lock picks in 1992 with the E100C, followed by the E100HO, and both were remarkable successes. As time passed, improvements were made and in 2006, the E110 Series of electric lock picks was introduced.
                    TW-10 - Tension Tool
                    Tension Tool$1.50This tension is highly requested because of the of the double ended feature and the fact that it is unique because of one end of the tool is narrow.
                      PICKGUN - US Hardware Supply Semi-Auto Pick Gun - 30% Discount Sale
                      US Hardware Supply Semi-Auto Pick Gun - 30% Discount Sale$34.30Our US Hardware Supply Semi-Auto Pick Gun has a true vertical direction as opposed to traditional pick guns which pick in a curve shape. This is a 2-Phase pick gun, when you pull the trigger it strikes the pins twice making this pick gun faster and more efficient.