Leak Detection

AlertPods™ PRO Toilet Leak Detection System
A powerful way to reduce your water bill.
And it couldn’t be easier to use. The EPA estimates one in five toilets is leaking and in need of repair. Conserve water and save thousands of dollars per year with a simple, cost-effective solution.
AlertPods PRO Gateway receives signals from up to 1,200 feet away.
AlertPods PRO App features valuable reporting tools on leaks and water usage.
The AlertPods™ PRO Toilet Leak Detection System consists of three powerful components
  1. AlertPods PRO Toilet Leak Detector A wireless detection pod placed inside the toilet tank.
  2. AlertPods PRO Gateway Plugs into a wall outlet and receives leak alerts from toilets up to 1200 feet away.*
  3. AlertPods PRO App The AlertPods monitoring system provides 24/7 leak alert notifications via smartphone.
An easy way to save money
  • When you stop leaks, you stop paying for wasted water
  • Many leaks are undetectable to the eye and ear–AlertPods PRO Toilet catches them!
  • Detecting ONE leaking toilet can save you hundreds of dollars in a single year
Easy to Install
  • Installs in seconds
  • No plumber required
  • Works with all toilet tanks
Easy to Use
  • 24/7 monitoring fee required
  • No daily or yearly maintenance–simply replace the battery every ten years
  • Immediate toilet leak alert notifications via smartphone
  • Instantly alerts your designated recipients
  • Identifies slow leaks, running leaks and water use for each toilet
  • Works via cellular LTE, no WIFI needed
  • Tamper resistant—out of sight, out of mind

Backed by the AlertPods PRO warranty.

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